Over 100 years of combined manufacturing experience.

Turn your prototypes into precise product designs. We specialize in products for Medical, Consumer, Aerospace, Automotive, Defensive, Industrial Devices and many other industries

Transforming Prototypes Into Reality with Mechanical Mastery

Reval CNC Group is a company group based in Tallinn, Estonia.
We are the obvious subcontractor of high quality mechanical products for CNC machining, laser cutting, bending and plastic injection etc.

To date our group consists of more than 10 manufacturing companies based in the Baltics and China and is constantly growing.

What we offer
Equipment we use
Why choose us?
Our clients
What we offer

Reval CNC Group provides comprehensive CNC solutions including services such as CNC Machinery, Laser and 3D Printing, Injection Molding, and Welding. Offering high precision and custom finishes using metals and plastics, ensuring all your project needs are met.

Equipment we use

State-of-the-art machinery is used for every prototype, ensuring that precision and repeatability for all your parts. Providing a cost-efficient service that scales to all your business needs.  Read more.

Why choose us?

Reval CNC Group has helped businesses subcontract high-quality mechanic products through CNC machinery, laser cutting, and plastic bending and injections. 

Using a cost-effective and repeatable system, your prototypes can instantly be transformed into reality, no matter the size, edges or orientation.

Our clients

Over 10 manufacturing companies around the Baltics and China, your business will receive your products with a fast turnaround.

With over 100 years of combined manufacturing experience, have peace of mind knowing all your products and parts will meet industry standards, regardless of the prototype complexity.

Services that we offer

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Laser cutting, sheet metal
  • Laser cutting, tubes
  • Punshing machines, sheet metal & plastic
  • Press-brakes, sheet metal & plastic
  • Tube bending
  • Injection molding
  • Powder coating
  • Metal casting

Products we have machined